Image Indonesia : is it safe to travel ?

Indonesia : is it safe to travel ?

Indonesia is a dream destination for many people. Many think they spend their next vacation with family as a couple, alone or with friends. One of the many questions that come up about this trip is very often safety. To enlighten you about this, read this guide to the end.

Security in Indonesia

Indonesia is a safe country, you can travel there with peace of mind. However, as everywhere else, stay alert to your belongings and keep your bags close to you, within sight. It is therefore necessary to take some precautions.

So, never leave your valuables in evidence and, if possible, distribute them in different bags. In addition, try to take only the money you need and, even if flights to hotels are rare, lock your valuables in the safe of your accommodation. Of course, this is only a precaution.

These tips are valid in all countries of the world. Indonesia is a safe country where life is good! As far as children are concerned, the safety and also the diversity of Indonesia's landscapes and cultures make the archipelago an ideal destination for a family trip.

The large number of activities possible in the country will not leave you bored for a second, neither you nor your children. On the program for families:

  •  Meetings with monkeys, 
  • Visit temples, 
  • Paradise beaches 
  • Volcanic landscapes, 
  • Maritime activities, 
  • Walks in the heart of the rice fields.

As much wealth as Indonesia has to offer you throughout your family trip. Be sure, this trip to Indonesia is an unforgettable experience that you will live with your children.

What about health?

Indonesia is not an unhealthy country from a health point of view. Just follow a few precautionary tips before and during your stay. If no vaccination is required, we strongly advise you to be up-to-date in your usual vaccinations (tetanus, polio, diphtheria, hepatitis B and pertussis).

It is also recommended to be vaccinated against typhoid fever and viral hepatitis A and B depending on the conditions in which you travel. In addition, it is also recommended to provide treatment against malaria. According to the islands, the risk of malaria is more or less present:

  •  Papua, East Tenggara, Maluku Islands: the risk is present all year long 
  • Sumatra Islands, Jawa, Lombok, West Tengarra, Famous, Kalimantran: the risk is present in case of stay in rural areas; 
  • Bali Island and the city of Jakarta: no risk

In any case, bring light but long clothing, WHO-approved mosquito repellent and insecticide-treated mosquito nets. These methods will also protect you against the Dengue, present throughout the territory or the Japanese encephalitis, disease present only in Asia which is also transmitted by mosquitoes.

If you are traveling in rural areas, vaccination against this last disease may be necessary. Finally, Indonesia being a tropical country, it enjoys warm climate and the sun can sometimes hit hard. So it's always good to have a full screen tube and a sun hat in your luggage for a trip to Indonesia.

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