Explore cultural treasures in Java

Explore cultural treasures in Java


Java, the most populous island in the world, shelters 56.7 percent of Indonesian population. The island is full of beautiful and amazing attractions formed by natural landscapes, historic sites and spectacular cities.

Most of Indonesian history is kept in Java and they have a very important place in Java tourism. A large number of hotels and restaurants also help develop the tourism in this beautiful island. Many of the hotels are available for booking on Opodo's website. Pay attention to the following paragraphs to learn more about the cultural treasures in Java Island.

The cultural treasures in Java Island

  • Surabaya is the second-largest city of Indonesia, situated in Java. Even if it is not often visited by tourists, the city has much to offer especially in the case of culture. Many old places and historic buildings are among the best reasons to visit Surabaya. Most of them are served as important treasures that conserve the colonial history of Java and Indonesia. They are not only amazing spots but they also allow you to learn more about the traditions and the culture of Indonesia. Old Surabaya, Surabaya Chinatown, Kenjeran, Arab Village are CitraLand among the oldest sites that show the culture and traditions of Java.
  • The Borobudur Temple is the most visited cultural attraction in Indonesia, with hundreds of thousands local and foreigner tourists every year. It is considered as the world's largest Buddhist temple that is located in the center of Java. It consists of an old temple of the 9th century, famous for its breathtaking old overview. The temple is composed of nine stacked platforms, square, circular and a big central dome. Visitors are allowed to climb all over the temple to better discover the whole structure. You will get to know more about the history of Buddhist religion related to Javanese culture when visiting the temple.
  • Candi Prambanan is almost the same with Borobudur in general. However, each of the temple complexes has its unique and specific view and insights. It is also one of the 9th century's landmarks that is located in the central of Java, 15 kilometers from Yogyakarta. Prambanan is a marvelous site that marks the Hindu culture from the 9th century in Indonesia. It is included in the most important Heritage Sites of UNESCO. The alleyways and the shrines are among the most impressive things in the area.
  • The Ullen sentalu museum is a must-visit spot if you want to experience Javanese culture. The museum is situated in Yogyakarta, Java. The main things to discover in Ullen sentalu museum are the different artifacts and a relic collection from the royal houses and palaces of Java.

A number of local and foreign visitors come to this big treasure trove to get more knowledge about the old days and the culture of Java, even Indonesia.

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