Meet with endangered species in Sumatra

Meet with endangered species in Sumatra


Sumatra is the world's sixth-largest island that is situated in Indonesia. Many travelers who visit Opodo's website are really inspired by this beautiful island. As an island, Sumatra is home to a wide range of plant and animal species.

With its beauty, Sumatra attracts millions of tourists from many countries all arounf the world. There are many endangered species in Sumatra and many organizations and projects are created to protect them to keep the original state of the island. So you will be lucky to see some of them.

The endangered species that you should not miss to see in Sumatra

  • One of the most endangered species of Sumatra is the tiger. They are the smallest surviving tigers in the world with a number less than 400. The tiger looks really amazing with heavy black stripes and orange color. The main factors that damage this species are the deforestation and the rampant poaching. So this may lead to the total disappearance of tigers if people do not stop practicing the massive exploitation. In recent years,  governments have worked on arresting all who is caught hunting and reinforce the low governing the conservation of tigers.
  • The Sumatran orangutans, also called  people of forest are tropical-trees-dweller mammals that live in rainforests. Orangutans are well-known for their close social ties between each other. Females of this species generally never travel on the ground. They mainly feed on fruits but some other things like leaves, bark, flowers and insects are also among the most common foods of orangutans. You may see the male along while the females are with their young. The species plays a very important role in Sumatra's tourism, better still as an endangered species of the country.
  • Sumatra has a native elephant species that inspires many visitors coming from outland countries. Sumatran elephants are classified as endangered with about 80% of disappearance. Human activity is the main factor that has led to the degradation, loss of this species. Consequently, the creation of National Parks and the reinforcement of Indonesians law are among the best systems to protect the elephants of Sumatra. This also aims to ensure the reproduction and augmentation of the rest of the elephants.
  • Sumatran rhinoceros, also called Asian two-horned rhinoceros, is also a very important animal and one of the reasons why people travel to Sumatra. It is a giant animal with 120 to 140 cm of height at the shoulders and wa weight of about 500 to 800 kg. They can be found in the lowland and highland in secondary rainforests, cloud forests and swamps of Sumatra. They mostly feed on leaves, twigs, saplings and shoots. It is among the threated and protected animals in Sumatra with only about 100 individuals now. Some projects have been launched to ensure the conservation of rhinoceros to keep them existing in the Island.

Traveling to Sumatra to discover the endangered species

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